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for companies that require digital marketing and IT development services.

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When growth rates hit unmanageable levels, there's always a risk of losing grip on the situation. Engaging numerous contractors leads to loss of manager's attention on work processes and being more worried about results. The usual way out of this trap is to hire even more employees, which 100% will increase the budget costs and loss of time.

At DGP, we are ready to take your worries and financial risks when collaborating with contractors. We will decrease payroll budget and, most importantly, your time.

Whatever the risk, we’ll manage it.

Maksim Simanenka,
CEO and Founder of DGP

About us

Swift problem management is growth. If it takes you a week to accomplish something that your competitor does in two, you’re a certified market leader. We know that your time is valuable. The only resource you can not replenish. Never.

17 years of experience in IT and innovative approaches let us walk away from in-house production teams and create new opportunities for promising partnerships. Become part of our business system and we’ll send your way a consistent flow of recommended clients without delay.

Choose a franchise type:

Sales Center

Franchise for Distributors

For Sales Managers and all those who is ready to take over the local market. Engage with an expert team and open international boundaries with the best product on the market which sells itself.

Service Network

Franchise for Integrators

For IT/Marketing companies and team leaders who want to make a leap in business development and enter global markets.

Agency Point

Franchise for Experts

For professionals who are ready for their own venture. Become independent and financially self-sufficient specialists by selling services within our business system.

Who do we seek?

CXO Julia after the audience research announces DGP's most wanted quality

Our large team of partners and professionals allows us to split up functions that require specific, highly practiced skills. When you lock your attention on one specific task, quality and speed goes up significantly.

Local presence is a key for success

We are looking for partners, who are able to effectively communicate with customers in their own region. Simply not understanding client's language looses you the deal. When a company does not get market specifics it will not provide certain services.

Benefits of partnering with us:

We are fulfilling the need in increasing sales and letting you focus on your customers. Unique solutions and comfortable communication will guarantee your business stable growth and development.

Field for business activity

You will get detailed research and personalized adaptation for every niche, country, state or region.

Constant Flow of Customers

Collaboration only with recommended clients, which allows you to focus on business development.

Capable specialists

Team of professionals eager to take action, motivated by results and focused on the financial growth, income and reputability of the company.


The opportunity to use our reputation, open next-level doors, and engage with a high-status business community.

Technologies and Unique Software

Access advanced software and patented technologies that optimize business management and sales.

Full Support

Complex marketing, legal, and accounting support from the start of our partnership.

Franchise licensing procedure

  1. Fill out the applicant questionnaire

  2. Phone interview

  3. Complete market research tasks

  4. Meet with us offline or on Zoom

  5. Sign a licensing agreement and start the project launch under our guidance

  6. Receive contracts

Work with the best, to be the best.

DGP CEO Maksim Simonenko invites potential partners to futher franchising communication